Step 1 Fit the cylindrical foam tip into the specially designed applicator at the top of the can. Insert the foam so that half of it is inside the applicator-nozzle and half remains outside to facilitate application on the area to be treated.

Step 2 Hold the can in a vertical position and place the safety cap over the dispenser. NOTE: the cap is fitted with an ON-OFF safety device that enable activation in the ON position only. To activate the dispenser, line up the arrow on the dispenser’s plastic base with the vertical line marked ON on the safety cap.

Turn the device (i.e. the can with cap and sponge inserted) upside down with the activator cap resting on a table. Hold the activator cap securely with one hand and press firmly down with the other hand for 1 second. When you press the nozzle you will hear a small hiss: the sponge is soaked in cold liquid and the device is ready treating the wart or verruca.
If pressure is applied for too long, liquid may be deposited on the bottom of the cap. This is normal and it will quickly evaporate. Leave the cap in place until all the liquid has evaporated or tip it away.

Step 4 Hold the activator cap on the table with one hand and remove the can with the other hand. Take care not to overturn the cap.

Step 5 Holding the can in your hand gently position the tip of the foam on the centre of the wart or verruca.
IMPORTANT: exert gentle but constant pressure making sure that the sponge remains in contact with the wart or verruca for the entire treatment time, as detailed in the information leaflet.

Step 6 To store the product safely and hygienically, without risk of the freezing contents being accidentally discharged, verify that there is no more liquid in the cap and replace it on the can. On this occasion make sure that the vertical arrow on the cap marked ‘OFF’ lines up with the triangle pointer marked on the dispenser’s plastic base of the can, then gently push the cap in place to close.
NOTE: The cap is fitted with an on-off safety device that enables activation in an on position only.

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